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Welcome Stroke Term Life Insurance Quotes & Rates

TIA -Transient Ischemic Attack - (sometimes called a Mini Stroke)



Stroke term life insurance quotes & rates:

An abnormal process in one or more blood vessels that supply the brain. Typical causes are Thrombosis (stationary blood clot), Hemorrhage (ruptured artery) and Embolism (blood clot that travels to another part of the body).

There is a lot of Stroke TIA (mini Stroke) information at the American Stroke Society.

Applying for Term Life Insurance Quotes Rates:

TIA (mini stroke) term life insurance quotes & rates: is a transient ischemic attack is a short-lived episode (less than 24 hours) of temporary impairment to the brain that is caused by a loss of blood supply. A TIA causes a loss of function in the area of the body that is controlled by the portion of the brain affected. The loss of blood supply to the brain is most often caused by a clot that spontaneously forms in a blood vessel.

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