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Welcome Gastric ByPass / Obesity Term Life Insurance Quotes Rates: Shop Term Quotes Insurance specializes in Gastric ByPass / Obesity Life Insurance.



Gastric ByPass & Obesity issues can hinder you from obtaining term life insurance or any other insurance for that matter. When applying for a term life insurance policy and gastric bypass and obeisty is an issue; there are several key points of discussion:

Intestinal ByPass:
These procedures are intended to surgically induce a malabsorption syndrome in which weight
loss occurs. This is radical treatment of obesity and, although initially successful, typically fails
at maintaining proper weight. Unless the underlying eating disorder or endocrine abnormality is
corrected, typically all the weight will eventually be regained. Post-operative complications are
similar to other malabsorption conditions and include kidney stones, electrolyte imbalance,
cholelithiasis, liver disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, and anemia. Most patients will complain of
diarrhea and weakness.Most insurance companies follow the recommendations of the National Institute for Health when they set up their guidelines to qualify for surgery. However, some insurance companies have offered an “exclusion” to employers when contracting for an insurance policy. This means that your employer may have elected to not cover the medical treatment for obesity or morbid obesity.

1) Some insurance carriers will require a hiistory of morbid obesity. Obtain your medical records from your physician so you know what weight fluctuations are recorded. Be prepared to explain them.

2) Records from Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and other commercial diet programs will not be sufficient.

3) Be Prepared to list all medications and any history of complications.

Even if you are just a little overweight; this could affect the premium you pay for your policy. Shop Term Quotes Insurance Services has helped many height/weight challanged people obtain insurance.

When purchasing insurance through Shop Term Quotes Insurance Services,
you are investing in your peace of mind.



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Underwriting Questionnaire For Gastric ByPass / Obesity

Complete our fast and easy underwriting questionnaire to receive a preliminary offer in 48-hours or less

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Gastric By Pass - Obesity
What is your height / weight? .
Has there been any weight change in the last 12 months? If yes, provide details.
If parents have a similar build issue, please provide details and current age (or age at death) of parents.
Have you had gastric bypass surgery? Do you have elevated liver enzymes? Dumping Syndrome? Diabetes? High Blood Pressure?
Obtain term life insurance quotes & rates, online with:

Empire General - Gastric ByPass / Obesity, Prudential Financial - Gastric ByPass/ Obesity, Banner Life - Gastric ByPass / Obesity, Chase Insurance - Gastric ByPass / Obesity, RBC Liberty Life Insurance - Gastric ByPass / Obesity, Genworth - Gastric ByPass / Obesity, West Coast Life - Gastric ByPass / Obesity, TransAmerica - Gastric B Pass / Obesity. There is affordable life insurance if you have had Gastric ByPass or have Obesity. Instant term life insurance quotes are available with Gastric ByPass and Obesity. We offer inexpensive term life insurance and competitive term life insurance, ShopTermQuotes.Com is the website for competitive term life insurance for Gastric ByPass and Obesity.

Email: Tim Mouton, Agent Specializing in Gastric ByPass / Obesity, please send me a confidential email or call! I look forward to speaking with you.

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