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Welcome Depression Term Life Insurance Quotes Rates & Policies: Shop Term Quotes Insurance are Depression Life Insurance Specialists


DEPRESSION LIFE INSURANCE: Manic Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Mental Illness, Mental Disorder Mental Health... how does it relate to other conditions you may have? Are you controlled on depression medications? Has it been 6 months to a year since you have been on depression medications? Have you been on several depression medications? Do you see a therapist in addition to your M.D. that prescribes this depression medication?

DEPRESSION LIFE INSURANCE: Are you being medicated for a temporary depression due to a significant life event? Are you properly diagnosed? Are you following your doctor's orders? Are you on disability for depression?


DEPRESSION LIFE INSURANCE: General Concerns that an underwriter may have with an Depresson Life Insurance include, but not limited to:

1) Concerns Regarding Suicidal Gestures: Are there any depression records in your personal medical history that indicate suicidal gestures? If so, this needs to be explained and how you are now controlled with medication or other treatment protocol(s) to prevent such an occurrence from repeating.

2) Mulitple Depression Medications? A clear record of your treatment notes may help to justify your stability and grant you an insurable status and help to get your your Depresson Life insurance application approved. Do you have other mental illnesses that are being treated? i.e. dual diagnosis depression/anxiety.

3) Hospitalizations: Were you ever hospitalized? What were the circumstances? Your personal medical records will be reviewed and evaluated. You may consider submitting a letter with your application that might include what your new habits consist of. i.e. Diet, Exercise, Therapy, Meditation, etc.

4) Therapy Notes: Are you willing to release your therapy notes or have your treating physician release his notes?

5) Misdiagnosed? Other Depression Information: Have you been declined for Life Insurance because of a Depression History? Was it because you were prescribed sleeping pills? These often come in the form of anti- anxiety medication. Sometimes the depression medication was prescribed as a "as needed / if needed" mode of treatment. Obtaining Life Insurance with these typeos of prescriptions can be misconstrued for the worse scenario and result in a decline. We can postition your application in the most favorbale light but ultimately the approval of your life insurance application will depend upon how you are successfully managing your condition.


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DISCUSSION POINTS FOR OBTAINING LIFE INSURANCE FOR DEPRESSION MEDICAL HISTORIES: Child/Adolescent Depression, Stessful Life Events Depression, Elderly Depression, Sever or Chronic Illness Depression, Family History Depression, Long-Term Depression, Medication Side Effects Depression, Depression, Biological Factors, Depression, Co-Occurrence of Depression & Anxiety, Postpartum Depression, Substance Abuse, Addicitions, Therapy, Medication, Combination of Therapy and Medication: Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder: Depression

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In addition to cheap term life insurance quotes and rates, please visit our Insurance Glossary, FAQ section and our Life Insurance Needs Calculator.


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