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Welcome Anxiety Term Life Insurance Quotes Rates: Shop Term Quotes Insurance Services specializes in obtaining Anxiety term life insurance quotes



ANXIETY: A Panic attack typically lasts for several minutes and is one of the most distressing conditions that a person can experience. Most who have one attack will have others. When someone has repeated anxiety attacks, or feels severe anxiety about having another anxiety attack, he or she is said to have panic disorder.

ANXIETY: If you are on disability for anxiety, your term life insurance application is likely to be declined; should you not be able to justify income and/or assets which warrant the need for insurance.


ANXIETY: General Concerns that an underwriter may have with an anxiety disorder include, but not limited to:

1) Concerns regarding suicidal gestures. Are there any anxiety records in your personal medical history that indicate suicidal gestures? If so, this needs to be explained and how you are now controlled with medication or other treatment protocol(s) to prevent such an occurrence from repeating.

2) Excessive Anxiety Medications: A clear record of your treatment notes may help to justify your stability and grant you an insurable status and avoid having your anxiety term life insurance application declined. Also, do you have other mental illnesses that are be treated i.e. dual diagnosis depression/anxiety.

3) Hospitalizations: How long were you hospitalized? And for what? The notes need to be very specific.

4) Therapy Notes: Are you willing to release your therapy notes or have your treating physician release his notes?

5) If any of the anxiety history is combined with significant alcohol abuse or drug abuse your (anxiety) term life insurance application and does not show dramatic improvement from former bouts, there is a high chance your applicaiton may be declined.


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If you have only been given a mild anti-anxiety reliever for a breif emotional time in your life; this probably will have a minimal effect on the approval of your (anxiety) term life insurance policy.

When purchasing insurance through Shop Term Quotes Insurance Services,
you are investing in your peace of mind.



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Underwriting Questionnaire For Anxiety

Complete our fast and easy underwriting questionnaire to receive an immediate offer in 48-hours or less

Personal Information
Your Name: Height:
City: Weight (lb):
Phone: Occasional Tobacco User: Yes No
Fax: Insurance Amount:
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Date of Birth: mm dd yy Additional Insured's Name (only if applying for Survivor UL)
Sex: Male Female
Anxiety term life insurance application information
When were you diagnosed? Is it chronic or situational in nature?
What medications are you taking or have taken in the past? And for what? Situational or other?
What other type (if any) treatment are you engaging? i.e. therapy, various protocols?
Has there ever been a suicide attempt or hospitalization due to depression?
Are you disabled as a result of the depression?
On what basis is there a need for insurance? i.e. Estate Planning, Pay off the mortgage, take care of children through teen years, replacement income for spouse?
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Email: Tim Mouton, Agent Specializing in Anxiety, please send me a confidential email or call! I look forward to speaking with you.

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